As an owner/director of your limited company you will need sound professional advice to ensure the smooth running of your company’s tax and accountancy affairs. Valhalla will take care of everything for you.

We offer a number of services which include:

  • completing your annual accounts
  • submitting your accounts to Companies House
  • calculating the company’s tax position
  • preparing and submitting the corporation tax return
  • looking for ways to ensure you are running your company in the most tax efficient manner
  • preparing and submitting the company’s annual return, if required
  • providing year-round access to our tax and accountancy experts
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“Working with Valhalla has been excellent. They have been flawless and responsive in dealing with my taxes and general finances. The team have been working unobtrusively in the background, alerting me whenever I’m needed to make decisions. Great work, thank you.

Paul, Manchester