6 Benefits of Using Xero

Posted: 27th Jan 2017

Cloud based accountancy packages like Xero: Are they worth it?

We have asked some of our clients about how they have found the transition to using the Xero accounting system and this is what we heard:

  1. “It’s so easy to use, even for us non-financial people”
    You don’t have to be an accountant to keep your records on Xero. It’s so simple to raise invoices and post expenses and much more reliable & professional than using spreadsheets!
  2. “I can get up to date figures at any given point during the year”
    By keeping it up to date as you go it will mean you have access to your company’s financials at any given day.
  3. “I can log on whenever, from wherever”
    You can log on anywhere using an internet browser and are not tied to the system being loaded on one computer.
  4. “My bank transactions automatically connect to Xero so I don’t have to manually type them out”
    This saves a lot of time!! It means less typing errors when uploading the bank statements and much easier as is just a touch of a button.
  5. “I got my year-end accounts so much quicker”
    As a result of having much more accurate accounting records, your year-end accounts production process can be much faster. This means less time for your draft accounts to be prepared by your accountant and a reduced bill.
  6. “If I need help, other people can log in and see exactly what I can see so issues get resolved quicker”
    Throughout the year, your accountant can log onto the system from their office and be able to help you with any specific transactions. This cuts down the questions at the year-end but also gives you some support throughout the year.

We recommend to any small business looking to improve their record keeping to give us a call to have a chat and demo for Xero.